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We have provided answers to some of the questions we think you might have. However, this isn’t an exhaustive list, so please call or email if you have any questions we haven’t answered.

Question One

Q: Are the properties leasehold or freehold?

A: The properties for sale are leasehold for a period of 200 years at a ground rent of £250.00 per annum payable twice yearly.  £125.00 in March & September.

Question Two

Q: What does the service charge cover?

A: See our full service charge list

Question Three

Q: What happens when I or my executors wish to sell the property?

A: If you have purchased a property then you are free to sell on provided that it is occupied by persons over 50 years of age.  We make a small charge of 1% of the sale price for assigning the lease and checking that the new owner comply with the criteria.

Question Four

Q: How do I secure a property that I wish to purchase?

A: If you are in a position to proceed we will accept a token deposit of £500.00 together with the details of your solicitor at which time we will then forward a copy of the contract to your solicitor for processing.  The deposit is non returnable.

Question Five

Q: Do Life Style provide any extra care facilities?

A: We do not provide any personal care but we can advise on what agencies to contact for this purpose.

Question Six

Q: Can I bring a pet?

A: This is by special arrangement only.

Question Seven

Q: Is there any accommodation available for friends and family?

A: Yes we have guest suite facilities available.

Question Eight

Q: Who is responsible for interior repairs and decoration?

A: If you have purchased your property or have a Life Style lease you are responsible for all internal decoration and repairs including replacement glass. These must be carried out to regulatory standards and we can offer a full service from our own contractors that will ensure there is no infringement of insurance or safety issues.

Question Nine

Q: Am I responsible for insuring the property & contents?

A: Buildings insurance is part of the service charge or rental.  You are responsible for the insurance of your own contents and internal fixtures and fittings.

Question Ten

Q: Am I responsible for utility bills?

A: Yes.

Question Eleven

Q: How much is the council tax?

A: All our properties fall within either band A or B.

Question Twelve

Q: Do I need a T V Licence?

A: Yes.

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